Approved by AICTE, New Delhi & Constituted by Sankalchand Patel University,Visnagar




Surveying Laboratory:

This laboratory is the very important laboratory for the Civil Engineering Department. In this laboratory, three subject (Elements of Civil Engineering laboratory, Surveying and Advanced Surveying) of Civil engineering field practicals are performed. In this Laboratory many latest instruments of Surveying field like Total station, Theodolite, Automatic Level are available.

Mechanics of Solids Laboratory:

This laboratory is used by all the 1st year students. The subject is divided into two categories like Rigid body (Engineering Mechanics) and Deformable body (Strength of materials) All the basic practices of Engineering Mechanics and Strength of materials are performed in this laboratory. In this laboratory, the practices of institute elective subject (Advanced Strength of Materials are also performed.

Fluid Mechanics Laboratory:

This laboratory is shared by Civil Engineering Department to perform the practical of Fluid mechanics and Applied Fluid Mechanics subjects with Mechanical Engineering Department. The entire practical related to fluid are performed in this laboratory.

Concrete Technology Laboratory:

This laboratory is useful for testing the strength of concrete, the strength of cement and the strength of aggregate.

Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory:

In this laboratory all the practices concern with soil testing are performed.

Highway/Transportation Engineering Laboratory:

In this laboratory highway and transportation engineering practices are performed. In this laboratory, all the practices concern with testing of materials used in transportation are performed.

Environmental/Water Resources Engineering Laboratory:

All the practices of water and waste water like Turbidity, PH value, B.O.D, C.O.D etc. are performed in this laboratory. It is the basic laboratory of civil engineering department.

Computer Laboratory:

This laboratory is mostly used by final year students for their industrial Defined Project work. Many software concerns with Civil Engineering are installed in the computers of this laboratory. There are 30 computers of highly specifications are available in this laboratory.

Model Room:

All the models concern with Building construction, Irrigation Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Environmental Engineering are available in this room.