Approved by AICTE, New Delhi & Constituted by Sankalchand Patel University,Visnagar

About the Laboratory


Language can be defined as the method of human communication, either oral or written, consisting the use of words in a structured and conventional way.
Language Lab is a place where students get chance to become aware of the different aspects of any aimed language, and that brings great interest in the students’ mind to learn and get proper command over the aimed Language. Different activities and Language learning tools create a favorable atmosphere for the students where their language learning efforts can become more effective.


  • To enable the students to acquire the knowledge of the elements of language in order to comprehend oral and written form of language.
  • To enable the students to enhance the skill of receiving, interpreting the sounds.
  • To acquire the skill of reproducing the sounds in English with correct pronunciation.
  • To enrich the vocabulary.
  • To acquire the skills of effective communication.
  • To be able to communicate formally and informally in English through practice.
  • To train ears, mouth organs and eyes through extensive listening, oral, reading and writing practices.

The Language Laboratory specifications

  • Language Lab  area : 96.47 Sq.m
  • ETNL Language Laboratory software
  • 4 split Air conditioners
  • Projector
  • White screen
  • Chairs
  • Cabin for teachers
  • White board
  • Computers: Operating System: Windows XP sp2, Processor: Intel P IV, RAM:    504 MB, HDD: 67GB, Monitor: 14" CR T, Motherboard Features:    Sound card, VGA 32 MB and Accessories: Headphone with Mic

Insight of ETNL Language Software

The ETNL Language Lab© Software consists of a teacher module plus an unlimited number of student modules (often ranging from 15 to 20). It is twice blessed:(1)
For the teacher:it is an opportunity to impart knowledge in an effectively interactive and exciting manner. For the student:it is an enriching learning experience that is engaging and motivating
Other features include:Listening & Speaking, Reading & Monitoring, Recording & Comparing,Audio Recording, Two-way Communication

Advantages of Language Lab for Students:

  • Acoustics: The language lab provides all students, no matter where they are seated in the room, equal opportunity to hear the instructor and to be heard by the instructor. Each student can listen to the lesson material at a level set by the Teacher. Student can receive only the lesson assigned by the teacher. None of the lesson material is misheard due to the direct nature of the sound transmission heard by each student via his/her individual headset.
  • Privacy: The headset/microphone provides students with a psychological privacy that promotes their speaking ability. It reduces the inhibitions felt in normal classroom situation and encourages the shy student to speak. The instructor can talk to a single or group of students in privacy without disturbing the rest of the class.
  • Overcoming shyness: The language lab encourages student to talk freely and loose their inhibitions when talking in front of their peers. Lab tend to make student more anonymous.
  • Attention: as the language lab allows the student to listen to the program stimulus individually, each individual student’s attention is focused on the program material being studied, ultimately increasing the attention span of the student and teaching the student to listen and analyze the content of the lesson.
  • Developing listening skills: Listening skills are an essential element in becoming linguistically fluent. The language lab helps students develop good listening skills and aids the process of communication. Students hear the correct language patterns all the time through their headsets instead of mimicking other students who may be pronouncing incorrectly.
  • Self-pacing: The students may work through the lesson material at a pace suited to their ability. The lab becomes a personal tutor to them.
  • Record/comparing: the students have the ability to record their own voices along with the master stimulus. Each student can be working interactively on different segments with in the same program or be working with completely different program material.
  • Teacher monitoring: Teacher can monitor the students very effectively in the language lab and can keep constant watch on the student’s learning progress. Which can help both student as well as teacher to reach at the targeted aims of the teaching learning methods.