Approved by AICTE, New Delhi & Constituted by Sankalchand Patel University,Visnagar




Dynamics of Machine:

Study models of different mechanisms, brakes, clutches, joints, gears etc, Dynamic Balancing Machine, Universal Vibration Apparatus, Torsional Vibration Apparatus, Critical Whirling Speed of Shaft, Apparatus of Governors, Cam Follower, Motorised Gyroscope.

Fluid mechanics & Machines:

Test rigs of Pelton turbine & Kaplan turbine, Centrifugal Pump & Gear pump, Pipe friction apparatus, Reynolds Number, Impact of jet on vanes, Rotameter-Venturimeter-Orificemeter, Bernoull’s Apparatus.

Computer Aided Design:        

Laboratory In-charge: Dr. Dilip S. Patel,B.E. Mech., M. Tech., Ph. D

The CAD Laboratory of this department is equipped with Twenty Five State of art computer workstations exclusively for the Under Graduate Students. All Systems are connected to Gigabit Ethernet for both internal and external communications. The Modeling and Analysis softwares like AutoCAD, ANSYS, Pro/Engineer and CFD Expert are installed in these workstations.

The Workstations consist of following specification:

  • HP 280 G3 DESKTOP

  • Core I3 – 7th Generation (7100)

  • Window 10 Pro 64 Bit

  • 4 GB DDR – 4 RAM

  • 1 TB (7200)HARD DISK


  • 19.5” LED 2GB Dedicated Graphics Card NVIDIA ® GT 710

Heat and Mass Transfer:

Test rigs of Natural convention, Forced convection, Parallel & Counter Flow Heat Exchanger, Pin Fin, Composite wall,Stefan Boltzman, Emissivity Measurement, Thermal Conductivity Measurement.

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning:                              

Test rigs of Vapor Compression Refrigeation sytem with water and air cooled condenser, Air conditioner, Vapor absorption system, Ice Plant tutor, Vortex tube refrigeration, mechanical heat pump, Gas Charging Unit, Cooling tower & Centrifugal fan.

Thermal Engineering:                             

Single Cylinder Four Stroke Diesel Engine Test rig with Hydraulic Dynamometer, Single Cylinder Four Stroke Diesel Engine Test Rig With Hydraulic Dynamometer, Four Stroke Four-Cylinder Petrol Engine Test Rig With Mechanical Dynamometer, Two Stroke Petrol Engine Test Rig. With Rope Brake Dynamometer, Rotary Compressor Test Rig, Two Stage Air Compressor Test Rig, Different Types of Calorimeter ,Various Types of Cut Section Models for Engine, Pump, Compressor.

Metrology and Instrumentation Lab:                          

Measuring instiments like Slip gauges, Vernier depth gauge, Gear tooth micrometer, Outside mircrometers, Digital micrometer, inside micrometer, Combination set, Bevel protector, Optical flats, Bore gauge, radius gauge, Vernier Height gauge, Dial indicator, Magnetic V Block, MF angle and surface plate, Taper plug and ring gauge, Plunger dial gauge, Dead weight pressure gauge tester.

CAM & Production Technology Lab:

Electro Discharge Machine, Automatic Servo Controller Voltage Regulator, CNC Flat Bed Lathe Trainer, CNC Trainer Milling, Machine –XL, Automatic Tool Changer, CNC Milling Machine Tools, Air Compressor, HCL LCD monitors with standard accessories.

Material Technology:

Ultrasonic Flow Detector, Triangular Metallurgical microscope, photo micrographic equipment & imagine system for above (c.c.t.v.) system. video projection attaches ment hight resoulution colour ccd cemera with 14" colour moniter. Refractory Furnace, Double Disc Polishing Machine, Carbon Sulfur Determination Apparatus.

Elements of Mechanical Engg:

Various study models of Boilers, Boiler Mounting and Accessories, Engines, Turbines etc.

Machine Shop:

All Geared Lathe Machine with all standard accessories, Auto Stop Hydraulic Hacksaw Machine, Shaping machine with all standard accessories, Horizontal Universal Milling Machine, Universal Radial Drilling Machine, Bench Grinder, Capstan Lathe with standard accessories, Lathe Tool Dynamometer with digital multimeter, Drill Tool Dynamometer, Foundry equipment, Pillar Drill Machine with Mechanical chargemotor & all accessories, Power Press with Mechanical charge-motor & all accessories, All cutting tools and various attachments of machine tools.

Fitting Shop:

All basic Hand tools for the demonstration of the basic shops like fitting shop, carpentry shop, Black smithy, Tin smithy and welding shop.

Drawing hall:

Models of all Couplings, Joints, Bearings, Bolts.